Make Screens and COLORHUE Dyes
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About Art Screens
MakeScreensTM is a light-sensitive emulsion applied to a fine mesh nylon screen for the purpose of making screen stencils. By exposing the emulsion covered screen to daylight or fluorescent light, the emulsion changes into a tough coating.

Silkscreening with COLORHUE Dyes

Designs are printed as black images on a transparency. The design can be hand drawn with opaque markers, or printed with an ink-jet printer. The transparency with design, together with MakeScreens film, is exposed to light: sunlight or florescent bulbs. The emulsion on the MakeScreens film, under the black areas, is burned from the light. The film is then placed in water to soften. After softening, the emulsion (where the design is) rinses out.
This exposes the screen mesh. So when paint is applied, it goes through the open areas of the screen.

The black image must be fully opaque to effectively block the light. An image printed either on an ink jet or laser printer is best. The instructions that accompany MakeScreens include an exposure chart for various types of light sources, along with detailed directions for making and using the screens.

Before it's developed, MakeScreens is heat and light sensitive. Unused MakeScreens should be stored in a cool place, like the refrigerator, and kept away from light in the black envelope it comes in. Once developed, it loses this sensitivity and can be stored and used over and over again.

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