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Order ArtScreens - New improved material!
Hi Ginny,
I used the new dragonflies you sent over the weekend to paint on uncured polymer clay. The images came out beautifully, as expected. However, I thought you might appreciate feedback on the new material I LOVE IT. The paint comes off the stencil much easier and leaves the stencil so much cleaner than the previous greenish material. Consider my comment a ringing endorsement for the new material. Feel free to use my comments as you wish.
Most sincerely,
Julie Johnson
MakeScreens Evaluation Kit
The Evaluation Kit includes a 10" by 12" acrylic exposure frame and two full size MakeScreens sheets. This is a good way to evaluate MakeScreens stencils for your particular needs. It has everything you need to create screen stencils.
 •  2 - 8.5"x11" sheets
 •  1 - 10"x12" acrylic exposure frame
 •  Flexible squeegee
 •  Sample of ready-made MakeScreens
 •  Instructions
$55.00 Quantity:
MakeScreens Evaluation Kit with Surface Design DVD
You get everything in the MakeScreens Evaluation Kit
plus the Surface Design DVD by Ginny Eckley.
$66.00 Quantity:

MakeScreens Art Screens
MakeScreens are perfect for most stenciling needs. Its large mesh openings lend themselves well to most acrylic and oil tube paints while at the same time providing good detail. Complete instructions included.

 •  3 - 8.5"x11" sheets $35.00 Quantity:
 •  5 - 8.5"x11" sheets $59.00 Quantity:

 •  3M Ink-Jet Transparencies

$1.50 each


 •  3M Write-On Transparencies $0.75 each Quantity:

If you are planning on creating your own silkscreens, these are the best markers when copying your image to a transparency. These are Opaque Paint Markers by DecoColor in BLACK only.

Extra Fine is best for those intricate images, with a tip
like a pen.
$3.55 Quantity:

Fine Point is really more of a medium point, with a tip
like a marker.
$3.55 Quantity:

This Opaque Broad Line pen is perfect for filling in design areas

Broad Point DecoColor Broad Line pen

$4.25 Quantity:

Flexi Ridge Squeegee

Flexible Squeegee is used to stroke paint across the screen.


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