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I LOVE using screens as it is so much faster and more accurate than hand painting. Printing is easy! You simply tape it down, squeegee with paint, and lift the screen. The variety that can be achieved with the screens keeps it from looking repetitive. Often I will silkscreen the image in black, then hand paint in the open areas (as is done with the red birds in the tapestry above). Unlike stencils, the screens are made of 2 layers, fabric and emulsion. The design is crisp, and more detail can be captured.

The trumpet vine screen (shown here) was used on the tapestry above for all the leaves. Shades of green leaves were made by using transparent paints; the gold leaves were screened with Lumiere paint.

In December 2020 I was featured on SHOUTOUT HTX as a local fiber artist and teacher. SHOUTOUT HTX is part of the Los Angeles based Voyage Group of Magazines. The article is very interesting, featuring some wonderful pictures of quilts. Check it out!

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