These dyes are instant-set, to be used on silk, linen, wool and rayon.
To set them, you simply let them dry. Do rinse in water to remove excess dyes. For a pdf file you can print, Click Here.

Gloves, Pipettes, plastic or glass containers, pipettes, ziplock bags

I do recommend using gloves, as these dyes are very concentrated. Use plastic or glass containers for mixing your dyes. For storage, of leftover dyes mixed with water, it is best to use glass. For dying small pieces, you can also dye in zip-loc bags. Do not use metal containers or utensils with this dye.

Color Mixing:
Start by putting a little water in container, then add dye, using pipettes. Pipettes will help you both measure and prevent spillage. Add more water once you have the desired color. This dye is concentrated. Standard ratio is 3 parts water to 1 part dye. I take a scrap of fabric, wet it and dip it in the dye container, to check the color. Of course, more water will make the colors lighter, and more dye will make it darker. Note that blue looks purple in the bottle, but once it is brought out of the water, air makes it turn blue.

You can easily mix the dyes together to create numerous shades.

Rose + Yellow = Orange

Yellow + Blue = Green

Blue + Rose= Violet

Rose+ Green+ Yellow = Brown

Black can be added to any of the resulting colors to make the color darker

Bubble Pack or Dry cleaning Bags:
This is a fantastic technique that picks up the pattern of the plastic.

  1. Lay the plastic, bubble side up. If using dry cleaning bags, slit it, then wrinkle

  2. Lay silk, right side down on the plastic

  3. With a large foam brush, brush the fabric with water. This merges the plastic and silk together, and the pre-wetting prevents streaking.

  4. Mix Colorhue, typically 3 parts water to 1 part dye, and stir.

  5. Using a foam brush, brush on the dye.

  6. Let dry for at least one hour before removing from the plastic.

  7. Dry, then press.

Because this dye is so instant, you can brush on several colors, and there is very little merging of colors.

  1. At the ironing board, pleat your fabric into 1” pleats.

  2. Using rubber bands, wrap the fabric. Wherever the bands are, the fabric will remain white.

  3. Using foam brushes, push the dye into the areas between the rubber bands. Using 3 colors usually works best, more gets too busy.

  1. Lay out plastic over your table.

  2. Place marbles in fabric, and tie in place with rubber bands.

  3. Brush on the dye using foam brushes.

Evenly Dyeing:
  1. Prepare fabric by pre-wetting. Simply place in a large container of water, and stir. Take it out of the water, placing in an empty container.
  2. In the container of water, pour dye.
  3. Place the wet silk in the dye water and stir until all dye is absorbed. The silk absorbs the dye, leaving the water clear. Hang to dry.

Uneven Dyeing:
  1. Scrunch your silk, and tie with rubber bands or clothespins.
  2. Dip in dye OR place in a zip lock bag.
  3. Squeeze out dye, dry and repeat for second color.

Spritz it!:

  1. Cover your area with white plastic. Dilute the dye with water, and pour into a spray bottle.
  2. Scrunch up your fabric, for an uneven color and spray!
  3. Repeat with other colors.